AAVI – SAS webinar on Monday 22 April 2024: Development of Microperforated panel absorbers

By | 09/03/2024

SubjectAAVI – SAS webinar on Monday 22 April 2024: Development of Microperforated panel absorbers

Date/Time: Monday 22 April, 4-6 pm SGT, 15:00 – 17:00 WIB.

Iwan Prasetiyo
Built environment performance Engineering Research Group
Engineering Physics Department, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

In this seminar, we are going to present a research roadmap and progress of Micro-perforated panel Absorbers (MPPA) developments by our research group. MPP has been an attractive acoustic element as it can be developed with various solid materials to tackle health and environmental issues more easily. Hence, this absorber system is considered to be the next generation of sound absorbers. Our primary interest is to deal with the drawbacks of MPP absorbers, which inherited  Helmholtz resonator characteristics like a narrow absorption bandwidth while expanding their potential to become a subwavelength structure and working at a lower frequency. All configurations and materials proposed in our development are to address building applications in specifics, e.g., room acoustics, natural ventilation, etc. A specific material like textile materials for MPP development is considered to cope with a practical approach to have minute holes that can extend the absorption bandwidth under single layer configuration. Moreover, coiled-up backing air cavities were adopted to realize a sub-wavelength structure absorber system which is more relevant to the trend of building design with limited space or noise control approach in general. Recently, low-frequency absorption enhancements of MPP have been our ongoing project; more collaborators are welcome to join.